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Adding a New Seminar to Homeopathy Seminar Calendar

Short guide on how to add your seminars/events/conferences to the International Homeopathy Seminars Calendar.

We have now made the International Homeopathy Seminar Calendar open to the homeopathic community.

Every person registered at Hpathy.com can add their seminars to the International Homeopathy Seminar Calendar.

If you are a person who gives seminars or organizes seminars of other speakers, please add the details of your seminars NOW!


This is going to be the biggest homeopathy event calendar globally and the only one accessed by the whole homeopathic community through Hpathy.com. So don’t miss this opportunity to list and promote your seminars through the International Homeopathy Seminar Calendar.

Here is a short guide on how to add your seminars/events/conferences to the calendar:



Visit http://seminars.hpathy.com/

On the left upper corner, you will find a link ‘ADD NEW SEMINAR

Click on that link



Clicking on the add new link will take you to the admin side of calendar, which looks like the image below.

Select the year and month in which your seminar is being organized and the calendar for that month will come up.

Now click on the date on which your seminar begins.



Clicking on the date on which the seminar begins, opens up a form to enter the seminar detail. It looks like the form in the image below.

Fill the details in the form. The fields that appear yellow are necessary to fill.

After filling the form, press the ‘Add’ button at the end of the form.



Your seminar has now been added to the International Homeopathy Seminar Calendar.

Go to the seminar calendar homeopage and check your listing.


For any help, write to mail@hpathy.com

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