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Last modified on June 30th, 2016

Guidelines for authors for publication at 4 Everyone invites the submission of articles, essays, book-reviews, case studies, research and correspondence that relate to homeopathy, health, alternative and general medicine. The purpose of our journal is to provide a platform for learning and professional growth and interaction.

These guidelines are offered as a way to support your work and to set broad parameters for submission to this publication. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have questions or concerns about an article you are thinking about writing. We are happy to discuss article ideas with willing writers. gets millions of visitors every year and our readers include not only professional homeopaths but also students, lay homeopaths, nurses, conventional doctors, patients and people looking for health related information. We have readers from all over the world who vary widely in practice experience, homeopathic philosophy and access to homeopathic education. Because of this, we aim to provide a reading culture which is equally varied, while staying within the (debatable!) confines of classical homeopathy. All articles are reviewed by our editors before publication. Articles may be sent back for revisions, when applicable.

Subjects to write about:

Homeopathy in general, history of homeopathy and medicine, organon and philosophy (general and approach of specific stalwarts), repertory(general and details/approach to various repertories), homeopathic pharmacy, materia medica, therapeutics(with full medical information about the disease being covered), research (clinical/physical) related to homeopathy, seminar reports, alternative medicine, health, well being and fitness, vaccination, book-reviews of homeopathic and alternative medicine books etc.

General guidelines for all articles:

1.  Unpublished or Published articles can be submitted to for publication

2.  There is no maximum word limit for the articles or cases.

3.  Historical articles and cases can also be submitted for publication.

4.  Articles, Papers or Cases can be submitted by people who have not authored them if they obtain explicit permission from the author or the publisher to reproduce it at

5.  To submit articles – send your articles as an attachment to The articles can be in .doc/.html/.txt/.rtf/.pdf format. Articles should be typed in double space.

6.  You can also submit your articles on a CD or Floppy (non-returnable) to the following address:
c/o Asha Homeopathy
A-4/1, Ganesh marg, Hawa Sadak, Jaipur
Rajasthan, India. Pin (zip) -302019
Ph: 91-141-2219009

7.  Include a brief bio on yourself: 2-3 lines only. Send a photograph if possible.

8. All articles should contain an Abstract or Summary of 100 to 200 word-length.

9. Italicize all remedies and spell out remedy names completely (i.e. Calcarea carb., not Calc. carb. The first word in a two word Latin named remedy is capitalized, the second is not.)

10. Use appropriate references, acknowledgments and credits when necessary for books, periodicals, teachers, and computer programs. We encourage the referencing of data with superscript numbers in the text and a listing of these sources at the end of the article as Endnotes.

11.  Do not submit your article simultaneously to other publications.

12. The copyright of all the articles, cases, images and any other material submitted to Hpathy for publication, unless otherwise specified, is retained by

13. reserves the right to republish the articles, cases, images and any other material submitted to it for publication, on any of its sister sites (,,, etc.) or journal (electronic or paper) in any language.

14. The authors are solely responsible for the content of their articles. By publishing an article or case, or its directors/editors do not endorse the views of the author. The author is solely responsible for any legal action/consequences arising due to and from any article, case, image or any other information submitted by the author to

Guidelines for cases:

1. There must be at least one year follow-up for all chronic cases, and appropriate follow-up for acute cases.

2. You should take a patient’s consent prior to submitting his/her case to our journal/website. will not be responsible for any litigation arising from non-compliance of this suggestion. Change identifying information as necessary.

3. For chronic cases, we are interested in your thought processes during case taking and case analysis and those which reflect your thoughts about the case over long term follow-up. We are less interested in cases which don’t teach much. Feel free to elaborate on the how and why you managed the case as you did. Let readers see your shortcomings, what didn’t work and why and how you were able to turn a case around.

4. For acute cases it is not necessary to elaborate so, but do discuss your differential diagnosis in terms of allopathic diagnosis if relevant, as well as the remedy selection.

5. If you use other modalities simultaneously, describe these in detail: diet, herbal medicine, nutrition, etc. Most readers are curious as to how other people actually practice in the larger scheme of things.

6. If you are presenting a case of an unusual pathology, please describe briefly the pathophysiology and usual prognosis.

7. Discuss the allopathic treatments which are being used simultaneously.

8. Include repertorization- why you chose those rubrics, how you actually did the repertorization.

9. Offer comparative materia medica if possible.

Books and Software for Reviews is the only homeopathy website which publishes extensive book reviews and homeopathy software reviews. Authors and publishers get a unique chance to promote their books among the world ‘s largest online homeopathic community (500,000 visitors every month and 40,000+ registered subscribers!!).

  • Books/Software can be sent to for review by Hpathy editors.
  • Books/Software should be related to homeopathy, alternative medicine or holistic health.
  • Send 1 copy of the book/Software you want to get reviewed to –

Dr. Manish Bhatia
c/o Asha Homeopathy
A-4/1, Ganesh marg, Hawa Sadak, Jaipur
Rajasthan, India. Pin (zip) -302019
Ph: 91-141-2219009

  • The author or the publisher will bear the cost of the book/Software and the postage for the book/Software. Under no circumstances shall or its directors or its editors pay for the books/Software or their postage.
  • All books/Software sent to are non-returnable.
  • Although tries to publish reviews of all the books/Software, it does not guarantee that it would publish review of every book that it receives.
  • Although tries to review the books/Software at the earliest possible, there is no fixed time frame during which a book is reviewed.
  • retains exclusive copyright to all the book-reviews and software-reviews written by its editors and published at

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